Hitotachi Ori

Hitotachi Ori
–the Fold and Cut

Fold the paper several times.
Make one complete straight cut.
Unfold the pieces carefully.
And there it is, a wonderful shape!

This is so called “Hitotachi Ori”.
It is different from the traditional Japanese Origami.

Hitotachi Ori is based upon mathematical theory; a polygon formed by straight lines, every sides(outlines) can be collected in one. Any plane graph pattern can be made by this Hitotachi Ori.

By folding the paper to make fold lines, the final design will appear according to the lines; when you cut out the shape using the scissors just once.

Kosei Yamamoto, the founder of Hitotachi Ori, is an architect that designs housings for half a century. He started Hitotachi Ori around 1994 and till now, he visits all over Japan to do Hitotachi Ori workshops.

Kosei’s  Hitotachi Ori is available for anyone to understand and make. Hitotachi Ori is unique because the design and way of approach are universal but very Japanese at the same time. He creates every shape to make good communication, improve relationship and hope for peace. You can see it especially in the shape of Hitotachi Ori Heart.

Enjoy Hitotachi Ori by yourself or with your family and friends!